TRODEU Presentation in Gran Canaria

TRODEU was presented in Arucas City, Gran Canaria on October 22, 2015. This presentation was made to representatives of different educational communities which were participating in the "X Meeting and International Exhibition of learning experiences”, both from the Canaries, the Mainland and countries participating in the event.

Media conference (press, radio and TV) to present TRODEU and the event in  Gran Canaria island. Culture Councillor from Arucas City Council and Jesus Luis-Ravelo González, TRODEU coordinator

Jesús Luis-Ravelo presents one of the good practics experience, based on  the nterdisciplinary use of audiovisual media in the teaching-learning process.

Associate TRODEU Teacher Begoña González Benitez, presents her working proposal


One of the rooms with some of schools works

An experience where the school radio was used.

Heriberto Cruz Experience "Canciones al Oleo ( Oil paintings Songs)". In which music and painting were worked.

Jesús Luis.Ravelo gives the prize for the best  Good Practice Experience to Ms. Rosario Déniz 

Closing ceremony of the event. Jesus Luis-Ravelo thanks the participants. The Mayor of Arucas City, Councillor of Culture and a representative of The General Directorate of Planning, Innovation and Educational Development were present.

TRODEU presentation at the  Canary Islands European Project Office

A meeting at the European Projects Office of the Canarias Ministry of Education was held. The representatives from the different institutions that form TRODEU Project presented the Erasmus Project to the Head of the Office and her advisers. The meeting was also used by each partner to present its institution to the Canaria Educational Administration representatives in order  to participate in future actions.

TRODEU group at the entrance of the Canary Islands Ministry of Education building 


Judith Gutierrez, Head of the Office of European Projects, receives TRODEU members.

Judith appreciates the participation of associated centers of Belgium, Sweden and Portugal in the TRODEU project.

Judith gives TRODEU Association components a gift from the Canary Islands Ministry of Education

TODEU Presentation at La Laguna Teachers Training Center (CEP)

TRODEU teachers had a meeting with La Laguna CEP Director  to introduce the project and submit collaboration proposals in different fields.

From left to right: Zebensui Rodríguez (President of Elio Antonio de Nebrija, Spain), Patricia Morales and Roger Janssens (Belgium), Oili Vesenne (Sweden), Fernando Ferreira (Portugal), Reyes San Martin (Spain), Irina Maister (Sweden), Andrea Duarte (Portugal) and Jesus Luis-Ravelo (coordinator, Spain)

TRODEU group at Ms Francisca Medina Trujillo’s office, CEP Director


Visiting the Good Practices Exhibition  at La Laguna CEP.

TRODEU Presentation to teachers of CEPA San Cristóbal de La Laguna

TRODEU Project was presented by a group of teachers belonging to the international coordination team at CEPA San Cristobal de La Laguna.

The Director of CEPA San Cristobal, Manuel Ortiz Cruz, talks about his center characteristics as well as the work they have been developing in the Continuing Education for Adult Students.

The group shares an informal meeting during coffee time with CEPA San Cristobal faculty, who exchanged personal experiences of daily work in their respective workplaces. Different common work  proposals were established during that meeting.

The group informally continued proposing the implementation of collaborative work and friendship between teachers from different schools during lunch was consolidated there.

TRODEU presentation to the General Administration of Vocational and Adult Education

Jesus Luis-Ravelo, TRODEU coordinator, met last January with the responsible in the General Administration for Adult Education, Ms. Ana Medina. She was given a document informing about TRODEU Project and after that, Mr. Luis-Ravelo asked her collaboration with the Project. She was informed about the "Good Practices Exhibition" held in Lanzarote in October 2016 and our interest to collaborate with them.

A subsequently letter from TRODEU project was sent to all centers of adult education in Canarias, explaining the essence of the Project. They were invited to present their own experiences on adult education during  the " Good practices  Exhibition" to be held in October 2016 in Arrecife.

TRODEU presentation at the Erasmus+ conference, organized by the European Project Office in the Canary Islands

The project coordinator, Jesus Luis-Ravelo, gave a speech during the dissemination ERASMUS+ conference held at La Laguna Teachers Center, organized by the European Projects Office in the Canaries.

Judith Gutierrez, the head of the European Projects Office in the Canary Islands, also gave a speech in the aforementioned dissemination conference. Throughout its development, TRODEU was announced.

TRODEU presentation to the CEIP Salamanca Parents Association

TRODEU was presented to the Parents Association of CEIP Salamanca, collaborating center of S / C. Tenerife, in November.

Informative meeting with a group of parents from this center, where TRODEU was presented.

A creativity workshop proposal was presented to be developed with parents.

TRODEU presentation at  Icod de los Vinos Center for Adult Education

TRODEU was presented in January at Icod de los Vinos Center for Adult Education. The Director of the Center agreed to cooperate with TRODEU and gave us the opportunity to use one  classroom at Buenavista Adults Center , in which activities would be undertaken by staff members and TRODEU faculty.

TRODEU team working meeting with CEPA Icod  Principal, D. FRANCISCO ALONSO RODRIGUEZ. He was informed about TRODEU Project and a collaboration from his institution was established together with  UAPA of Buenavista Adults Group. BEGOÑA GONZÁLEZ BENITEZ, teacher, presented the work they were going to develop.

From right to left: CEPA Principal FRANCISCO ALONSO RODRÍGUEZ, TRODEU Coordinator Jesus Luis-Ravelo, MARÍA BEGOÑA GONZÁLEZ BENÍTEZ, TRODEU associate teacher in the area of basic training at UAPA of Buenavista del Norte and TRODEU teacher, CAROLINA Luis Gonzalez in the area of creativity, design, illustration, body language and music.


TRODEU presentation at Arrecife City Hall (Lanzarote).

In February 2016 TRODEU was presented at Arrecife City Hall. Its most important aspects were explained to the Culture Councilor Mr Rafael González and the possible collaboration by Arrecife City Hall was highlighted.

A collaboration agreement was signed as well as  different aspects about  the celebration of the " TRODEU GOOD PRACTICES EXPOSITION " which will take place from 24 to 30 October 2016 in "Arrecife Civic Center “

Culture Councilor,Mr Rafael Gonzalez, and Jesus Luis-Ravelo,TRODEU coordinator, presented the event to the media.

Introducing TRODEU to the Director of Arrecife Library and Civic Center (where " Good Practices Exhibition” will take place) Ms. Zaida Montelongo and Jesus Luis-Ravelo

TRODEU presentation at CEIP Maximiliano Gil

During the month of March TRODEU was presented at CEIP Maximiliano Gil, located in the  city of Tacoronte. Jesus Luis-Ravelo was interviewed by the school radio members and he had the opportunity to talk about TRODEU.


    Meeting with  CEIP Maximiliano Gil Principal, Ms. Marioli Coello, and Assistant Principal, Ms Cristina Padilla

CEIP Maximiliano Gil is a TRODEU associated center. This school will prepare and present an experience during  the " TRODEU Good Practices Exhibition "  in October 2016 in Arrecife.

Presentación de TRODEU  en el Museo de la Historia de Tenerife

En el mes de marzo Jesús Luis-Ravelo se reunió con la Subdirectora del Museo de la Historia de Tenerife, Dª Carmen Dolores Chinea para mostrarle e informarle sobre TRODEU y acordaron realizar una colaboración mutua entre las dos instituciones.

Comenzaría dicha colaboración con el préstamo de la exposición sobre “El Quijote” para que estuviera en el Museo durante el mes de abril; con la intención de difundir la importancia de la citada obra en el contexto mundial y que sirviera de apoyo al trabajo que TRODEU está realizando sobre esta obra universal dentro del proyecto. 


La Subdirectora del Museo Carmen Dolores Chinea con Jesús Luis-Ravelo

TRODEU Presentation at SIMPROMI (Insular Society for the Promotion of Persons with Disabilities)

A meeting between TRODEU members and SIMPROMI staff was held on March, 2. This staff was in charge of the institution library which has being implemented a project based on "Easy Reading" consisting of adapting a book to adults with intellectual disabilities. Jesus Luis-Ravelo had the opportunity to present TRODEU to Esther Pulido del Rio, Easy Reading project manager at the library of this institution, and they both agreed to establish mutual cooperation and to exchange experiences from both projects. SIMPROMI bwill collaborate with  their work on  Easy Reading which will be presented as an experience during the TRODEU  Good Practices exhibition in Arrecife next October. Moreover, TRODEU will attend and participate in the workshop to be held in Icod de los Vinos based on this thematic, initiating the development of a work proposal  jointly by the two institutions.


Edición digital de el periódico “EL Día”

"Docentes canarios coordinan un programa europeo de educación de adultos: TRODEU”

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, EFE | Ed. digital | 14:25 |

Profesores de Lengua Española y Literatura adscritos a la Sociedad Canaria Elio Antonio de Nebrija coordinan un proyecto europeo Erasmus+ denominado TRODEU, que tiene como finalidad mejorar el proceso educativo en la enseñanza de adultos. La asociación está formada por FINSKA (Suecia), KU LEUVEN (Bélgica), ICE (Portugal) y SOCAEAN (España).

Revista "Escuela"

Educación y Universidades

28 de octubre del 2015 - 11:18

Profesores de lengua española y literatura

Docentes canarios de lengua y literatura coordinan un proyecto europeo de mejora de la enseñanza de adultos

Participan junto a profesores de Suecia (FINSKA), Bélgica (KU LEUVEN) y Portugal (ICE) en un proyecto Erasmus+KA2 denominado TRODEU

Profesores de lengua española y literatura, adscritos a la Sociedad Canaria 'Elio Antonio de Nebrija', coordinan un proyecto europeo Erasmus+KA2 denominado TRODEU, que tiene como finalidad mejorar el proceso educativo en la enseñanza de adultos. Junto a los docentes canarios participan profesores que trabajan en la enseñanza de adultos en Suecia, Bélgica y Portugal. El primer encuentro de trabajo se desarrolla estos días en Tenerife, estando prevista una visita a la sede de la Consejería de Educación y Universidades este viernes.

TRODEU nace porque un grupo de profesores europeos, después de conocerse y comprobar su común interés en revertir la situación actual de la enseñanza de adultos en sus respectivos países, decide unirse para propiciar la consecución de unos objetivos comunes. Previamente se había constatado que los problemas eran similares y que el trabajo que cada uno realizaba por separado en pro de esa mejora era complementario.

Los objetivos del proyecto pasan por mejorar el proceso educativo en la enseñanza de adultos a través de progresar en la formación del profesorado, paliar el fracaso escolar con una nueva metodología y propiciar mejoras con vistas a la inserción tanto en el mundo laboral como social, especialmente en los grupos desfavorecidos.

La asociación ha constatado que actualmente los problemas que tiene gran parte del alumnado adulto europeo son las deficiencias que presentan en el aspecto comprensión- expresión, tanto oral como escrita y que ello repercute enormemente en su rendimiento en todas las demás áreas y por ende en la posterior inserción en el mundo laboral. Por ello se ha construido un proyecto que diseña actividades innovadoras utilizando nuevas herramientas y propuestas de actuación para lograr progresos en el alumnado adulto, especialmente aquel que no ha conseguido alcanzar las competencias básicas.

El alumnado será codiseñador del aprendizaje. Se trabajará por competencias, los profesores aplicarán el aprendizaje colaborativo y utilizarán las TIC. Habrá una mayor cercanía con la experiencia directa y se producirá una apertura sistemática al entorno.

Los alumnos dejarán de ser "meros espectadores" y se convertirán en "participantes". Se irá consolidando el enfoque por competencias centrando la educación en las capacidades y no solamente en los conocimientos. Se pretende alcanzar "La escuela abierta todo el día", para ello se propiciará el "aprendizaje híbrido" y la "mochila digital". Todas estas propuestas configurarán el resultado final, el curso de formación: "Propuesta formativa para la mejora del proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje en adultos".