Training Activity

"Formative proposal to improve the teaching-learning process in adults education."

A training course for a group of teachers will be organized under the title “Effective Schools and effective teachers: THE INVISIBLE LEARNING”. It will be held at Leuven University in June 2016. It will seek to integrate various perspectives in relation to a new paradigm of human capital learning and development, especially relevant in the XXI century.

We have organized this training activity because we consider that TRODEU teachers training in this newfangled field is essential. We believe that physical attendance is important for several reasons: we want the group to coexist, become familiar with each other and use face-to-face contact to create that essential transnational nuance in this innovative proposal. It is intended that group members talk about their personal knowledges, that can not be measured, which can not be observed (hence invisible) but exist. Those knowledges are there and they have a key role in the process of continuous learning, being a help to how and what to learn.

Participating teachers will bring their personal experiences, and they will know about other nationalities colleagues’, at the same time, in order to set up a transnational proposal. KU Leuven University teachers will lead the activity in a collaborative framework, integrating everything provided in a multi-directionally way.

We want to emphasize that this proposal shows us that commitment to ducational change does not rest on digital technologies themselves, but in their potential contribution as mediational instruments for the sake of a fundamental change in attitudes and daily practices of students and teachers in various educational settings, formal and informal, allowing the innovative environments generation to learn.